Thursday, 3 January 2013

Painting the Exterior

So, the Christmas madness has died down a little - more's the pity! But I'm still on my Christmas holidays so what better time to do a bit of renovation?

Now I have a few days to myself, since the boyfriend is back at work, I thought I'd get going on the painting of my house. 
I chose a Dulux standard emulsion colour tester pot in Muddy Puddle - £1 each from Wilkinson's! I bought 2 which was just enough for the whole outside of the house and the inside of the front facia. 

This is what the house looked like beforehand - I'd picked off as much of the old glue around the windows and doors as I could and sanded everything back to get a smoother starting point. 

 I also unscrewed the transformer from the back of the house and took the old copper conducting wire off the back. It was really easy to get off as it was just sticky-backed, so peeled off easily. 

The tester pots of paint came with a brush attached to the lid. It wasn't the best or smoothest of brushes, but it did the job and I figured that as the paint is meant to be cement, it didn't have to look pristine. 

So this the front of the house painted and dried. The colour did dry quite a lot lighter than when it was wet, but it pretty much matched the colour on the front of the pot so I'm sure it'll look good as cement. 
The house already looks much better than it did before and now I can't wait to get the bricks on it! Still need some spray mount first!