Friday, 17 March 2017

FINALLY decorating!

It's been yeeaarrss!

I've finally started decorating the inside of the dolls house! I still have the front roof to make, attach and tile, but the rear roof is all tiled, so I was finally able to turn the house around and begin on the front!

I'd already ripped out most of the wallpaper and flooring in the attic rooms, so  it was just a case of getting rid of left over bits and sanding down.

I started with the flooring; strips of wooden effect sticky plastic. Cutting them to size, it was pretty easy to stick them all down so it looked like real wooden floor!

I then remembered I needed to paint the ceiling and probably wallpaper the walls before I laid down anymore flooring, just incase any paint landed on it! So, I covered the floor that was already down and painting the ceiling the same off-white as the inside of the dormer windows. 

I then wallpapered the walls. This piece of wallpaper took forever to measure correctly, so that it fit in to all the corners! 

After wallpapering the other wall (which was a lot easier!) I put the rest of the floor down, but was left with a little gap at the end! 

 I managed to cut a groove out of the strip of flooring so that it fit round the inner wall.

I'm quite pleased with how it turned out! I need to get a front roof soon, so that the floor doesn't fade in the light!