Sunday, 18 November 2012

Bricking it!

My first parcel for the house arrived yesterday!

I was excited to open it and see what everything looked like.

From Bromley Craft Products ( I bought a packet of Realistic Brick Compound in red brick, a can of clear matt spray varnish and a Stretcher Bond standard pattern brick stencil.

I'd never seen anything like this before and the finished effect - from pictures on their website - looks great and very realistic. Bromley Craft Products even has an application video and guide on their website  to show you exactly what to do. It looks pretty simple so I'm looking forward to starting!

I have brick effect paper on the house at the moment, so just had to spend a bit more money on this equipment to get what will hopefully be a much more realistic finish. 

Now, I just have to get myself some repositionable spray adhesive for fixing the stencil while its in use and some cement/mortar coloured normal emulsion paint to coat the outer walls before bricking them as that's the colour which will be visible through the bricks. 
Here goes!

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