Sunday, 25 November 2012

Demolition: Part 1

Today I ended up taking all the old brick effect paper off the exterior of the dolls' house. I'd been picking bits off it for a couple of weeks so finally decided to sit down and do it properly!

Taking the paper off the chimneys was the worst bit: I guess as it's solid wood the glue had set hard - the glue had also gone all mouldy which was a bit icky... 

I uncovered this writing though, which may well be my Granddad's handwriting - something I've never seen before, or don't remember ever seeing it. This is just labelling which chimney is for which side of the house.
You can also see the mould underneath the paper. Ew.  

I also took all the windows and doors off the front of the house and ended up with something that looks like this for now. 
Next step: Sanding and painting! 

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